Wix Partner Agreement

Using the App Market and one of the apps allows Wix to provide data on the download, usage and performance of an app or app, as well as information about your use of the app and App Market. For example, using an app from the Wix App Market can provide data on the type of device, network connectivity, the location of the device on which an app is running, information about when an app is launched, custom session times for apps, or why an app may not work. The app market also uses a proprietary Wix API (the « WixHive ») to collect data from a variety of actions or « activities » via an app, such as contact information, messages, browsing, purchases, bookings and more. All of this data or activity data is stored and managed by Wix in a central database. Please note that Wix may share related data with you, third-party developers or other third-party business partners, who collaborate with Wix in connection with the App Market or the provision, hosting, support, implementation or execution of transactions through one or more applications. In addition, third-party developers can store and manage the data provided through their apps that you have installed on your website and share that data with other apps installed on the same site. With WixHive, Wix creates an environment in which Wix and its third-party developers can generate business processes using collected and shared apps and data (as shown above) to improve the functionality of the App Market and available apps and allow users to use related apps or the associated App Market functionality. You agree that this Agreement may be amended to comply with applicable laws and regulations and/or the terms and conditions set by ICANN and/or the terms and conditions chosen by ICANN, as well as all registration rules or guidelines that may be published from time to time by Wix and/or Wix. This Agreement defines the terms of use of the Wix domain name registration (`Services`) and the terms and conditions for Wix Services` Terms of Use (as you can see in www.wix.com/about/terms-of-use; the « Terms of Use ») represents the entire agreement between you and Wix regarding the registration of the domain. These Wix App Market terms of use (`these` App Market Terms`) are a legal agreement between and between Wix.com Ltd. (hereafter referred to as « Wix » or « us » and « us » and any end-user (hereafter referred to as « you » or « user » and « you »), and define the conditions under which you use the software application functions or services provided by Wix via the Wix app market (hereafter « App Market ») and any mobile application made available on the App Market (hereafter. Please note that these application market conditions must be read in addition to the terms of use, which also govern the use of applications or the provision of additional Wix services, and are taken up by reference.

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