Student Partnership Agreements

Sparqs was well placed to develop this idea and, with the agreement of the Scottish Government, began to engage in discussions with the industry on the specifics of the Student Partnership Agreement model. This model corresponds to the Scottish contexts of student engagement and quality improvement. Student partnership agreements are a way for student associations and institutions to promote ways for students to interact with their institution`s staff in order to improve quality. The document was developed in light of the recommendations of the Post-16 Education Green Paper, in which all Scottish universities advocated a Student Partnership Agreement (SPA) with their student association. The government hoped the agreements would show how students could influence the life of their university and define areas in which staff and students could work together to improve the student experience. The university was the first in Scotland to introduce a SPA. Heriot-Watt University has a long and proud tradition of student engagement in institutional governance and decision-making, and the Student Partnership Agreement sets our goal to continue to work in partnership across all our campuses, with the goal of increasing engagement with the institution, enhancing the student experience and creating a sense of belonging to the university community. During the 2018/19 period, a total of ten projects were approved, including the development of a reading group, a student-collaborator-community building event and a student podcast for the promotion of specialized information. Please contact the Academic Service if you would like details on any of the projects carried out in 2018/2019. Heriot Watt University and Heriot Watt University Student Representative Bodies (Student Union – Scotland); Student Council – Dubai; Student Association – Malaysia) work annually in partnership to develop a Student Partnership Agreement (SPA). The agreement defines the main agreed priorities and defines a corresponding action plan.

We believe that each annual SPA is an important statement of our commitment to the promotion of our university community, in which we all have a role and function to fulfill and where we have all the rights and obligations….

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