School Facility Rental Agreement

The tenant and participants in the planned event, including the actors and the public, must be ordered at all times. Assuming that a request for the use of facilities will lead to disorderly behaviour or whose activities may have a negative effect on the school or community, the application for use of the organization is rejected. The tenant and the participants limit themselves and carry out their activities to the areas mentioned in the contract. The surfaces used must be kept in a clean and orderly condition. IT IS NOT ABOUT FOOD OR DRINKS ON STAGE OR IN THE SEATING AREA OF WILLSON AUDITORIUM. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE NOT ON EVERY PROPERTY SCHOOL AND PREMISES PERMITTED. THE USE OF TOBACCO PRODUCTS IS NOT PERMITTED WITHIN THE SCHOOL GROUNDS. Failure to comply with Title IX provisions of the Civil Rights Acts and all laws, rules and regulations, as well as by-laws of the State of Montana, the City of Bozeman and School District 7, is a good and sufficient reason to terminate the building permit contract and to stop using the facility. The school district is not responsible for accidents and/or injuries suffered by people that occur during the rental of schools in or in schools. The school district assumes no responsibility for property damage.

A Facility Use Agreement contract must be signed by an authorized representative of the underwriter who uses the school and a representative of the landlord, Bozeman School District No. 7. Such a contract must be in full condition if it is received by the owner. For a potential tenant, no facility is held on an interim basis. The submital and subsequent approval of a Facility`s use contract is the only method to secure a location. The owner, Bozeman School District No.7, reserves the right to terminate the Facility Use Agreement contract in the event of an emergency, which requires that the facility be available to the owner at the same time as the planned event. In this case, the owner, Bozeman School District No. 7, will attempt to provide the tenant with a replacement facility. All schools are closed if the school is not at the meeting. Please check the school calendar to check the days when the school does not take place at the session: all applications submitted to the Business Office last an average of two weeks.

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