Processing Agreements Scotland

A processing agreement is a project management tool for the processing of a planning application for a larger development or for a complex local development. Processing agreements can be used to define the main processes involved in determining an application, to determine what information is needed by whom and to set deadlines for the provision of different stages of the process. Around 3/2012, the government`s policy on the implementation of planning commitments and agreements on good neighbours is presented. The Scottish Government has drawn up a draft treatment agreement that will form the basis of each agreement. There are no plans to be a detailed document and the most important steps in the process and the realistic timelines for their implementation are clearly indicated. Treatment agreements should be discussed as soon as possible. It is important that developers are informed at an early stage of the level of information required to support an application. Treatment agreements should lead to greater trust and more open and positive working relationships between developers, planning authorities and consultants. Details of the processing agreement are drawn up between the manager and the developer. As a general rule, the planning authority will establish the agreement, but if agreed, the developer can do so. The format should be kept as concise, clear and simple as possible (for example. B a simple worktop/time scale format).

The elements of a treatment agreement vary depending on the circumstances, but will probably include: Transformation agreements can bring a number of benefits, including: if you intend to: You can download below a more detailed guide on processing contracts: East Ayrshire Council offers treatment agreements for all applications classified in Town and Country Planning (Scotland) as National or Major Regulations 2009, as well as for complex local developments. It is recommended that all developers contact the planning manager at an early stage to discuss this process, ideally before submitting an application (APPLICATION NOTICE, PAN). It is assumed that the proponents wish to enter into such an agreement, unless they otherwise inform the planning authority. Major developments include major housing proposals, supermarkets, quarries and open pit mines, as well as onshore wind applications. The processing of important development applications can be complex and involve more measures than small local developments such as home expansion. For more information on the planning process, including treatment agreements, visit the Scottish Planning Series Circular 3/2013 Development Management Procedures. The City Council would like to encourage the use of processing contracts containing planning requests for major developments to clarify the timelines and processes that will take place before these proposals are defined. In order to support the treatment agreement, constructive preparatory discussions should be initiated between the planning authority, proponents, agencies and other relevant advisory bodies. A processing agreement does not guarantee the granting of a building permit, but should be based on a common understanding of the main stages of the process – related planning applications will continue to be considered on their merits and against the conditions of the urban planning plan.

We have published a report on the benefits of using treatment contracts and a processing document. While we welcome pre-application discussions on all types of applications, a formal processing agreement is best suited for larger applications or for local developments that are complex or potentially controversial. They can be used for detailed applications, a basic building permit or authorization of specified circumstances.

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