License Agreement Lenovo

Programs listed in the LI will be licensed under these licensing conditions in addition to the licensing conditions previously agreed by Client and Lenovo. If the customer has not previously agreed to agree to the licensing conditions that have come into effect, either the Lenovo International Program License Agreement or the International License Agreement for Non-Warranted Programs applies, as stated in the IA. Download the latest Lenovo (Place Holder) End User Licenses (.pdf format) Lenovo x86 Server: Independent Operating System / None This page contains Lenovo (LI) License Information Documents that provide program-specific information and all additional conditions. These documents are available for your reference and display convenience. They are normally integrated with Lenovo software on paper, on a CD or in the software in softcopy form for acceptance before installation or first use of the software. This document is no longer managed. It is provided on an as-is basis because we moved to Lenovo Support.

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