Insurance Commissioner Agreement And Application For Oklahoma License

OID has responded by making temporary licenses available to Oklahoma residents for producers and applicants who are unable to take current licensing exams. This does not apply to extensions. Temporary licenses, when issued, take effect up to thirty days after the end of the state`s declaration of emergency. The filing of an application does not mean that a certificate has been approved or issued. You will be informed (via the contact email address entered on the application) if the request is accepted or if the OID needs additional information. You can check the status of a license online on our site using the « Find Licensees » tool. Download the licensing information booklet (LIB) and read it by clicking here. You can prepare for the bachelor`s exam with all the means that suit you: Self-study: Kaplan study manuals can be ordered in our office. The same study manual is used for both manufacturers and delivery people. Prometric provides a Licensing Information Bulletin (LIB) containing detailed information about the review process as well as a technical description. The LIB can be downloaded by clicking here.

Pre-license training: Several companies offer pre-license courses (including teaching materials) that can prepare the candidate for the exam. For more information, you can contact the suppliers. Pre-licence providers All applications for temporary producer or apprentice licences must be submitted against payment by mail. To protect Oklahoma consumers, background checks are conducted for all temporary license applications. All temporary licensees need a licensed sponsor, who oversees their work and behavior and is responsible for the temporary licensee of the Oklahoma Insurance Department. Once the license is issued, you can view and print your license online on our site with the « Licensee Search » tool. You can contact the Licensing and Education Department directly by phone (405) 521-3916 or 1-800-522-0071 Fax (405) 522-3642 E-mail: An applicant not established without a resident`s license can apply online and designate a state of origin (the state, in which he has passed the smuggler exam and has an active license). Follow the instructions below. However, enter only the applicant`s last name and NSS on the applicant`s registration page. If you have been convicted of such crimes, return to and submit the application for 1033 waivers on request online before proceeding. You cannot proceed with the certificate application until a declaration of waiver has been issued.

The Oklahoma Insurance Department (OID) welcomes qualified candidates to apply for a bachelor`s degree in our state. Please read and follow the following instructions to complete the application process. Steps 1 and 2 apply only to RESIDENT (R) applicants. NON-RESIDENT (NR) Applicants can proceed to Step 3: Oklahoma requires insurance professionals to have an active license before working in the industry. The exam step(s) are the first step in licensing. You can only work once you have applied online and the licence has been issued. If an exam was required, schedule 3 business days to the exam provider to electronically provide the results of that division`s audit and the national database before applying. . . .

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