Hsi Subscriber Agreement Centurylink

Early cancellation fee. Many of CenturyLink`s internet packages require you to sign a contract, and essoûching that contract can result in high fees (ETFs) that can really break the bank. Make sure you can set yourself up for the duration of the contract when signing up for the CenturyLink service. *CTL fees are the clawback tax for moving expenses, the property tax recovery tax, and the state regulatory clawback tax. These are not imposed or imposed by law, but are defined by CenturyLink and are subject to change. For more information about taxes, fees, and surcharges, see centurylink.com/feesandtaxes. Bundled services. CenturyLink has entered into an agreement with DirecTV to offer quality television programs as part of its federal agreements. If you`re interested in adding a TV service to your plan, you can often save a lot of money by pooling DirecTV with your internet, compared to buying the services separately. Third-party content streams using CenturyLink High Speed Internet: CenturyLink is not connected to a streaming service provider; Fees, fees, and terms of sale apply to third-party streaming services. To stream with CenturyLink Internet, you must subscribe to a speed plan of up to 20 Mbps. Wi-Fi access required. To watch streaming services on TV, additional third-party devices may be required.

The streaming content that individual subscribers can access depends on the selected third-party packets and/or channels, device, location, and how they access the content.

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