Hosting Agreement Stamp 4

After receiving the signed contract and the details of the hosting agreement, the personnel office For the spouse or partner who wishes to work in the state, it will be possible to change the immigration stamp from 3 to 1 if a work permit / spouse / alimony is issued by the Ministry of Economy, Enterprise and Innovation. The admission contract is valid for the duration of the employment contract. Contracts must have a duration of three months or more. Once the work permit is issued, the employee must ensure that his or her residence stamp is up to date. To do this, they should contact the Garda Immigration Bureau in Harcourt Square, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2 (phone 01 4755555) or the immigration services at their local garda station. As an accredited research organisation, NUI Galway must ensure that certain conditions are met for a valid admission agreement to be signed. Upon receipt of an approved job application form and recruitment file, the PERSONNEL OFFICE sends the proposed staff a letter of offer, a contract and a model accommodation contract (Part 4) by e-mail. You need to contact your PI/HR to find out if you can renew your employment/accommodation contract. You must ensure that your immigration permit (stamp 1) is up to date.

For more information, see the Researchers section on the INIS website. All new and renewed contracts must be issued and reserved for the IUA at least two weeks before the start of the contract or the renewal date of an existing contract. Admission agreements are a quick and inexpensive form of work permit – there is no authorization procedure or fees (but the researcher still has to pay 300 euros to register each year with the immigration services) In addition, the admission agreement is valid for the duration of the employment contract, which eliminates the need for an annual extension. Yes, if your spouse/de facto partner is currently authorised to stay in Ireland under Stamp 3 conditions and work in Ireland, they must travel with you (their de facto partner, established in Ireland with a hosting contract) to a local immigration office. The local immigration officer will issue the authorised person with a new Irish Residence Permit (IORP) under 1G conditions. This allows the de facto spouse/partner to work in Ireland without a work permit. The HR office submits the application for an admission agreement to the Mobility Office of the Irish University Association (IUA). The IUA Mobility Office transmits the information to the Ministry of Justice – wait 7 working days for the information to be broadcast live in the DOJ/GNIB system. The hosting agreement is used by the researcher, where applicable, for visa applications, state entry and immigration registration.

Persons from visa-required countries may apply for a multiple-entry visa once they have registered in Ireland. Within three months of arriving in Ireland, researchers from non-EEA countries must register with their local immigration officer. An Immigration Registration Card (GNIB Registration Card) is issued by the Garda National Immigration Bureau to a registered EEA national. A fee of € 300 is levied for each immigration certificate issued (residence permit). People who have contracts with a duration of less than or more than 18 months will receive a GNIB card for the entire duration of the hosting agreement, which can normally be renewed after 12 months, subject to immigration rules. It is the employee`s own responsibility to maintain his or her permission to remain up to date and the resulting costs are the responsibility of the employee. . . .

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