Cognizant Agreement

The stress of the job weighed on Utley, according to his former employees, who, like all Facebook contractors at the Tampa site, must sign a 14-page confidentiality agreement. The system allows tech giants to save billions of dollars a year and report record profits every quarter. Some suppliers could mistreat their workers and threaten the reputation of the tech giant that hired them. But countless other stories will hide behind confidentiality agreements. « Accuracy is only evaluated by agreement. If I and the accountant both agree to the obvious sale of heroin, Cognizant was `fair` because we both agreed, » he says. This figure is false. Over the past three months, I`ve interviewed a dozen current and former Cognizant employees in Phoenix. All had signed confidentiality agreements with Cognizant in which they pledged not to discuss their work for Facebook – or even to acknowledge that Facebook is Cognizant`s client. Secrecy is intended to protect employees from users who are upset by a decision to moderate content and try to resolve them with a well-known Facebook contractor. NDAs must also prevent contractors from sharing Facebook users` personal information with the outside world, at a time when data protection issues are being deepened. We have found that Cognizant Technology Solutions participates in the following legal agreements and contracts. Among these challenges are the amount of contributions; the need to form a global army of low-wages so that they can consistently apply a single set of rules; almost daily amendments and clarifications to these rules; in the absence of cultural or political context on the part of the moderators; the lack of context in the contributions that makes their importance ambiguous; and the frequent differences of opinion among moderators on whether the rules should apply on a case-by-case basis. .

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