Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement (Combined Declaration And Certificate)

In order to ensure consolidation, expanding and diversifying trade, participating states agree to keep in mind the objectives and provisions set out in the following paragraphs and to strive to implement them quickly in accordance with their national policies and procedures: RECONNAISSANT the urgent need to take action to implement a trade expansion programme between the developing countries of the Asia-Pacific Economic and Social Commission (ESCAP) , in line with the decisions taken. In the statement of the Council of Ministers for Asian Economic Cooperation in Kabul and as part of the Asian Trade Expansion Agenda, adopted by the Intergovernmental Committee for a Trade Expansion Programme resulting from the Kabul Declaration; If, as a result of the implementation of this agreement, significant and persistent disadvantages are created for exchanges between a participating State and all other States, these participating States take the representation or request of this agreement with sympathy, at the request of the participating State concerned, and the Standing Committee provides an opportunity for appropriate consultation to take the necessary steps to address these disabilities through the adoption of appropriate measures. , including additional concessions to develop multilateral trade. The new free trade bloc will be larger than the agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada and the European Union. Products imported into the territory of a participating state under the agreement and shipped directly within the meaning of Rule 6 of the participating State may benefit from preferential concessions if they meet the original requirement under one of the following conditions: CONSIDERING that the setting of preferences between developing countries of escap, which complement other information from other international bodies, could make a significant contribution to the development of trade; Participating States take particular account of requests for technical assistance and cooperation agreements from participating states in the least developed countries, which will help them develop their exchanges with other participating states and take advantage of the potential benefits of this agreement.

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