Ahern Rental Agreement

b) extension option. As long as there has been (i) no delay or delay and is being sued under the lease, (ii) that the Tenant did not exercise the option to purchase section 23 (a) and that (iii) the lease was not terminated earlier, the tenant has the right, according to his choice, to extend the duration of that lease for the aircraft for an additional period of time after the expiry of the reference period. The length of this additional period is set in accordance with Schedule 2 (this additional period is referred to as the « extending period »). An extension period begins at the end of the reference period. The tenant`s option to renew this tenancy agreement for an extension period may be exercised by written notification to the lessor at least ninety (90) but no more than one hundred and eighty days (180) days before the expiry of the base period. All the provisions of this tenancy apply during the extension period, with the exception of the basic rent amount, during the extension period, equal to the fair value of the aircraft, which is determined in accordance with Section 23 (c). This basic rent is payable monthly, in advance or late and on the same day of each month during the extension period, as was the case during the base period. These payment dates will be « basic rental dates. » (a) all agreements, allowances, insurance, commitments and guarantees contained in the lease agreement, or any contract, document or certificate bound by or in connection with this agreement or with it, will continue, for whatever reason, the execution and delivery of this lease and the expiry or expiry of this lease agreement. (iv) the tenant refuses to pay (x) another obligation to the lessor or a related person who jointly controls, controls or controls another obligation to the lessor or a related person controlled by a contract or agreement that is then in a controversy of more than $500,000.00; i) No unfavorable mortgages. The rights, property and interest of the lessor for and for the aircraft and rent will not be affected and no pawn will be linked to the aircraft because of existing mortgages, contracts or loan withdrawals or any other contract, agreement or other instrument to which the tenant is or may be bound.

Links refers to all deposit rights, expenses, security interest and charges of any kind and description, including pledges, royalties, security interests and charges related to constraints, international interests, forward-looking international interests and the likely sales and rights of third parties under administration, pooling, exchange, revision, repair or any other agreement or arrangement. The guarantee implies, individually and collectively, any agreement under which the surety guarantees the obligations of the lessor to the lessor concerning the appearance of one of the following: (a) the adoption of a plan to liquidate or dissolve the lessor; (b) Don F. Ahern expires, directly or indirectly, at least 51% of Ahern`s outstanding voting rights; (ii) Don F. Ahern, any member of his immediate family and any trust established for the benefit of Don F. Ahern and/or a member of his immediate family; no longer hold, directly or indirectly, at least 75.0% of Ahern`s pending voting capital, (iii) Don F. Ahern has the right to exercise control of the right to vote over aherns by mutual agreement or otherwise, or (iv) Don F. Ahern dies or is prevented from acting, so that Don F. Ahern is unable to properly perform the tasks he performed on the day of the ahern; provided Don F.

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